Kratki animirani film Hrast / Short animated movie Oak

This short animated movie is inspired by the only oak protected by law in Montenegro, inspired by deep interconnectedness of people and Skadar oak – that lives only around some of our water bodies, at the places that were at the same time favourite locations for the development of human settlements.

This movie is inspired by the recklessnes of humans as well, towards the Skadar oak forests, which is why these forests exist no more.

Only tiny forest fragments or individual trees have remained, waiting for us to help them, or to let them reinvent themselves.

Enjoy, and contact us if you have an idea about skadar oak forests regeneration!

p.s. now is the acorn season!!! Remember: If you pick up an acorn and carry it with you, it brings you good luck

Supported by: CEPF Mediterranean Basin Hotspot Program

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